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G Says...

GACKT-related translations for friends of LJ

red rose
I was contemplating whether or not to translate Chapter 61 since it's a bit longish, but the awesomeness pyroyale pointed out to me that I have already translated it....... THANK GACKT FOR FRIENDS WITH WORKING BRAINS..... \;0;/

So, just to keep the flow of the chapters steady, I'm making this separate post with the link to the old translation. :3


If you'd like to leave a comment, please do so in the original post. Thank you!! ^^d

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Remember the few comic strips I translated before I started translating GACKTIONARY?
Well, the artist (Maimaiflower-san) finally got the first place in the DEARS COMIC section of MGG Vol.35, so I figured I'll share that with you.

When I die....?Collapse )

Anyway, congratulations, Maimaiflower-san!!

Source: http://yaplog.jp/mammothflower/archive/774

Members Cut Finished
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OK, the members cut is finally done!!!
It was a rather difficult and frustrating process because there were many people who I didn't think wanted to leave but simply failed to leave a comment in the cut-save post due to their busy lives, etc.
But it had to be done.

If you think you were mistakenly removed from the community or you just failed to leave a comment in the cut-save post, please PM me, excused_early , or leave a comment here. 
(Remember that this post is NOT locked, so anybody watching the community should still be able to read this post. So, don't be too sure that you haven't been cut just because you can read this post. ^^;;;)

And to all of you who chose to remain in this community where the posts only come at a slower-than-a-tortoise‘s-yawn pace, thank you very much!!
I am so lucky and grateful to have you, wonderful Dears, in my community.

P.S. Also, I am no longer accepting applications that do not come with a PM. Please read the profile page for more info. (This does not apply to the former members who were cut accidentally.)

Welcome New Members! \^0^/
red rose
I just approved a bunch of new members.
If you're one of them, you may have waited for a long time to join, and I'm truly sorry!
And I'm also sorry that I could not respond to each of your PMs, but thank you for them.

In any case...
ε=ε=(ノ≧∇≦)ノ WELCOOOOOOME!!!  d(≧▽≦*d)

I hope you have a great time here with us. ^^
If you haven't yet, please read the profile page carefully to read all the rules (which...I need to update a bit, oh yes... ^0^;;;).

I know you all just joined, but... ^^;;;
In G Says, I will be doing a members cut periodically, and I will be making a cut in a week or so.
Please leave a comment in the following post (comments are screened) so that your membership will not be deleted.

If you are reading this but was not accepted to the community, it's most likely (99.9%) because you didn't send me a PM when you applied to join.
There are about as many people who could not join as the number of people that have just been accepted, and all because they did not send me a PM.
Since I have no time to be sending them individual messages asking for an introductory PM (to excused_early ), I have to delete them all from the pending membership request queue now.  If you'd still like to join, please click "JOIN" again AND send me a PM.
Thank you~~~!! ^^

YFC: The Student Rules
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I was looking at the YFC page on gackt.com and...I looked at the YFC student rules in BOLD red letters, screaming at me to translate them (OK, not really).
Anyway, I had to translate it *sigh*, so here it is~~~. ^^
(BTW, I kept the tone much calmer than the original. For one thing, I don't quite know how to translate it while keeping such a testosterone-driven, sweat-and-spit spraying, scary-as-only-GACKT-can-be tone. ^0^;;;  Also, I figured a lot of you wouldn't appreciate that kind of tone too much anyway..., and he has said that the tone he uses for YFC is NOT something he wants to use with girls, although he'll be ALL ABOUT THAT at the lives :P)

This post is not locked and X-posted in my journal.

GACKT would like you, YFC students, to know...Collapse )

I just thought it'd be fun for anybody attending the lives to know these rules, although I'm pretty sure they don't 'exactly' apply to the European fans...
But....it WOULD be nice if European fans responded by saying ANIKI and OS during the European tour, don't you think? ^_~

Joining G Says (2)
red rose
This is a second non-locked post.
It only concerns people who are interested in joining the community, so all the wonderful existing members, please bear with me. :3

I've been receiving another wave of applications in the past couple of days.
Most of the people who sent me a PM along with their request have been approved already, but there are still a few people in the waiting queue for these reasons: 1)I don't know them at all or very well; 2)they did not send me a PM; and 3)1+2 suggests to me that they didn't read the profile page. =/

Anyhoo..., the following is the most difficult kind of application I receive.
1)I've never heard or seen the applicant, and there's no PM.
2)I go to their journal, and there's hardly any info on there and/or the journal looks brand-new.
3)I try to send them a PM, but their privacy setting prevents me from doing so.  *headdesk*
4)I try to leave a comment, but there's no post in the journal.


Sometimes it even looks like an applicant joined LJ just to become a G Says member, and that's flattering and everything (really!), but..WHY NOT EVEN READ THE PROFILE PAGE~~?  ;__;
I'm really not very selective when it comes to approving new members (although I do expect them to follow the rules once they get in).
What I'm really looking for is something that tells me the person is a genuine GACKT fan and/or genuinely curious about the guy's intellect.
So...., PLEASE SEND ME A PM when you apply. Besides, I'd really like to say hello and welcome. ^_~

About Joining G Says
red rose
(This is for non-members. ^^)

If you are not a member and would like to join, click on the "JOIN" button on the comm's profile page.  When you do, PLEASE send me (excused_early ) a private message with a brief introduction of yourself and what GACKT means to you, unless you know that I've known you for a while through my journal and/or other places. 
I'm often quite busy and it's not easy for me to check all the profiles and journals of applicants. ^^;;
But please don't worry about writing a long message (although they're welcome) in order to be accepted, though. Just a simple, to-the-point message will be sufficient. ^^
I know I have some applicants still pending right now. If you are one of them and don't want to keep waiting, please PM me.
Thank you!!

Rules Reiterated
red rose
I have welcomed many new members recently. I do hope they'll have a good time hanging out at G Says.
And I think this may be a good opportunity for me to reiterate some of the rules, along with some explanations.
(This post will not be locked.)

I know, I know. Please bear with me, everyone. ^^;Collapse )

Membership Request
red rose
(This message is not for the existing members. ^_~)

I've been receiving a flood of requests to join G Says in the past few hours.

If you'd like to join and you've never (or hardly) spoken with me, please PM me a brief message describing yourself and what GACKT means to you. If you have particular journal entries or websites that I can look at to see if you indeed are a genuine fan of his (and not just trying to misuse my translations elsewhere), I'd appreciate links to them. This will make the admission process go much more smoothly and swiftly.
If I don't know you or barely know you, your journal doesn't have much G-related content, and if I don't get a PM from you, please understand that the approval may take much longer than it should (or may not happen =/).

Thank you!!

Moderator Val

PM privacy setting
red rose
Hey guys! Hope you're having a G day. =D

When I screen applicants to the comm, I often need to check their profiles and journals if I haven't seen them around.
In addition, I often send them a PM with a few questions if I still can't decide.
Sometimes, people's privacy settings for PM block my messages to them. If you've been admitted very recently, I'd appreciate it if you send me a PM, or change your privacy settings temporarily, so that I can get to know you a little better. (or leave a comment here =))

Thank you everybody!